“I used to play for Manchester United,” says Ryan Giggs when asked what Wales approach will be

Describing the entire press conference as “a confusing and bizarre affair”, journalists present at Ryan Giggs’ unveiling as Wales manager today revealed that the 44-year-old responded to queries about his approach to the job by saying “I used to play for Manchester United”.

Addressing members of the press at an FA Wales press conference in Cardiff this afternoon, the Red Devils legend expressed delight at the opportunity to manage the nation of his birth and finally secure a position in senior football management.

While excitement remains at the appointment of such a high-profile figure, journalists in attendance admitted that they were left slightly underwhelmed with regards to Giggs’ vision for the team.

“Ryan is a legend. Even though his Wales career didn’t reach the highs it could have, he is still a genuine star of the game. So when we asked what his approach will be to the team we were slightly surprised to hear him simply say ‘I used to play for Manchester United’. We tried to coax a little more out of him by asking exactly what tactics he sees himself using, but he just looked me in the eye and said ‘Yeah, of course I’m proud to have won 13 Premier League titles’. It was pretty strange,” said Rhys Halfpenny, a sports writer for Wales Online, adding that while he and his colleagues were perplexed, Giggs’ decision to bring his Premier League medals into the press conference should probably have been a hint.

“It was odd, but we respect Ryan a lot and figured he must not have heard our questions. As such, it was a particular disappointment that he spent the next fifteen minutes of the presser talking about the 1999 Champions League final. But maybe he’s just trying to keep his cards close to his chest.”

At press time, the writer stated that while Welsh fans are pleased with the appointment, they were slightly disappointed with Giggs’ decision to leave the unveiling early to meet Sir Alex Ferguson in Manchester.