“Come on and fight me you bad nonce!” Wenger outburst at Mike Dean revealed

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger called referee Mike Dean “a bad nonce” and threatened to “kick the shite” out of him after the Gunners’ 1-1 draw with West Bromwich Albion on New Year’s Eve, the Football Association has revealed today.

The Frenchman confronted Dean during and after the match at the Hawthorns, during which the referee awarded the home side a controversial penalty, even going so far as to enter the officials dressing room at full-time.

In a statement released today to explain their decision to give Wenger a three-match ban, the FA described in detail what they considered to be “the extremely inappropriate language” used by the Arsenal coach.

“Mr. Wenger entered the officials’ dressing room after the game and immediately confronted referee Mike Dean,” read the official report, adding that Wenger was already in the process of removing his shirt and under garment before entering the room.

“He then proceeded to call Mr. Dean ‘a loathsome shit’ and said: ‘Come and fight me you bad nonce’. He then completely removed his shirt and started slapping himself on the chest before eventually being escorted out by security while shouting ‘You’re nothing but a worm Dean, I’ll kick the shite out of you’.”

The report also contains written testimony from Dean and his assistants, much of which corroborates other reports.

“He was very aggressive and kept calling me a ‘nonce’. I asked: ‘How am I a nonce, Arsene?’ He simply replied: ‘You’re a fucking nonce Dean and you’re dead if I see you near the Emirates again’. It was all very uncomfortable.”

At press time, the FA added that Wenger’s ban may soon be extended after they found evidence of the Frenchman’s numerous prank phone calls on the night of the match, during which he is alleged to have called Dean a “bad paedo bastard”.