“He eats gravel every day,” says ex-teammate on reason for Sean Dyche’s gravel voice

A former teammate has today shed light on the source of Sean Dyche’s distinctive “gravel voice”, by revealing that the Burnley manager “eats gravel every single day” of his life.

In an interview with the Danish podcast Fodboldministeriet and later translated by the Mirror, Soren Anderson – a former Danish international striker – claimed that while playing together at Burnley Dyche began eating small stones on a daily basis, giving his voice the husky tone which is now synonymous with it.

“Maybe the voice comes from eating gravel, because every time we trained, he used to eat it. Every single day he would bring a bucket over to the big pile of gravel behind the training pitch and start munching. He was obsessed with the stuff,” said Andersen, who also played by Rayo Vallecano and Odense during his career.

“He did. It was horrible, I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was like: ‘whoops, look, a bit of gravel’ and then he would just chew that until his teeth bled. It was a bit disgusting and very strange. He was a good player, and I enjoyed being around him, but the thing with the gravel was really strange.”