EXCLUSIVE: Atom and Humber offered local pug buried bone for sex – behind chihuahua’s back

A pug has today claimed that Alexis Sanchez’s dogs Atom and Humber offered her a buried bone for sex.

Four-year-old fawn pug Trixy said that Atom and Humber – who belong to the Chilean international forward Sanchez – asked: “How much of this buried bone to make love to you?”

Trixy, whose owner is believed to be a neighbour of Sanchez, claims that the Labrador and Golden Retriever enticed her back to their dog house, before smelling her arse while sipping on water from a bowl.

She said the two dogs chatted her up in a nearby dog park after sending one of their friends – a French Bulldog named Archie – over to make their interest known.

“This Frenchie came over to me and started wagging his tail towards these two dogs. They were just staring at me and panting. It was weird,” said Trixy, who was out playing with fellow pugs at the time.

“The French Bulldog asked how much would it cost for me to go home with them. I laughed and said ’10 bones and a bag of Pedigree Chum’ just to make them look stupid.”

Atom and Humber – who sources say are both dating a local chihuahua named Gloria – immediately began barking over despite sitting just 3 feet away from where Trixy and her friends were sitting.

“Eventually we went back to their dog house. It was huge – much bigger than mine – and I was very impressed. But they were only interested in one thing, that much was obvious,” said Trixy in an exclusive interview with TBN Sport today.

“They never mentioned any chihuahuas, but then I found out they were being romantic and nice to me and still had this little girlfriend all the time. I felt sick. It’s upsetting, they made me think we would stay together until we’re 12 or 13. But they were just fake.”

Trixy, who was left devastated by the treatment she received, has since vowed off footballers’ dogs, and has revealed that she wants to settle down with a dog whose owner has a sensible job without any fame.