Paul Merson dies from laughter after hearing of Marco Silva sacking


Sky Sports News pundit Paul Merson died from laughter today after hearing of Marco Silva’s sacking by Watford.

The former Arsenal man, who was a vocal critic of the London club’s decision to appoint the Portuguese manager, was reportedly informed of Silva’s dismissal this morning, at which point he launched into an involuntary and unstoppable fit of maniacal laughing.

Sources say that Merson was in Sky Sports’ studios in London at the time of his passing, which occurred mere moments after he was delivered the news.

“I was there with him when he found out that Silva had been sacked. At first he seemed surprised, then he just started laughing and couldn’t stop. Initially we were all laughing too, but after about 30 seconds we stopped. It was at this point we noticed Paul’s laughter was only growing stronger,” said a producer at the popular television channel.

“Eventually you couldn’t even hear him say ‘HA’, it was just this bizarre husking noise. Then his eyes starting turning black and his skin went purple. Right at the end he managed to stop laughing long enough to whisper ‘I told you they shouldn’t have hired a foreigner’. And that was it, he was gone.”

At press time, teammates and acquaintances of Merson expressed their sympathies at this untimely demise, but revealed relief that he died doing what he loved: laughing at foreign people.