“Would you consider changing our name to Manchester United?” says Giggs to Welsh FA

In a move which sources say took bosses at the football association by surprise, Ryan Giggs reportedly asked the Welsh FA today if they would consider changing their name to Manchester United.

Speaking during a meeting in which he also announced his intention to recruit former Red Devils teammate Paul Scholes as his assistant coach, Giggs put forward the idea of changing the organisation’s name for the duration his time at the helm.

“I’m really enjoying my time here so far and I can’t wait to have Scholesy on board, but I did want to ask if you’d consider changing to the name to Man Utd. It might seem like a small thing but it’d mean the world to me and really help me feel at home,” said Giggs to executives, before reminding them that he himself had played for Manchester United, hence the request.

“I don’t need you to change the name of the country from Wales to Man Utd, unless you want to of course. Just for when we’re playing. It’ll make the world of difference for me if I can look at the qualification table or up at the scoreboard and see ‘Manchester United’. I also think it’ll help the players’ mentality to be able to say ‘I’m playing for Man United’, you know?”

The request was reportedly welcomed with a mix of shock and awe by Giggs’ superiors, many of whom believed the meeting to be about little more than his previous suggestion to change the sock colour from red to black.

At press time, the FA Wales board members informed Giggs that while they will consider his request for a name change, they do not possess the power to force the Welsh national team to rename themselves after members of Manchester United’s treble-winning squad.