“Another Pep masterclass,” says Man City fan as club spend €65 million on uncapped 23-year-old he’s never watched

Describing it as yet another example of why the Catalan coach is so much better than his rivals, a Manchester City fan today hailed the club’s decision to spend €65 million on an uncapped 23-year-old he’s never watched as “another Pep masterclass”.

Speaking mere hours after it was announced that Athletic Bilbao defender Aymeric Laporte would be leaving the Basque club for the Premier League leaders, City supporter Harry Groose stated that Guardiola’s willingness to break the club’s defender was yet another example of “his thrifty and intelligent use of transfer funds”.

“Pep is just a level above, and this transfer is just further proof. You see all these other managers out here spending £75 million on players that have a few international caps, all the while Pep is lurking in the shadows to pounce on an absolute steal like this guy. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but this could be Pep’s best transfer yet,” said Groose of a centre-back he has only ever encountered briefly on both FIFA 18 and Football Manager.

“It’s another example why it pays to have a top manager. We could have a coach who’s throwing millions at a seasoned international and Premier League player who has played in World Cups and won international tournaments, but instead we’ve got one who is more than happy to bide his time and spend slightly more on a player who has played in one whole Champions League campaign. You can’t put a price on that sort of shrewd management.”

At press time, Groose laughed off suggestions that Laporte’s lack of pace will be quickly found in the Premier League by pointing to the fact that his current FIFA Ultimate Team rating was sitting at a lofty 84.