Self-described feminist furious at Olivier Giroud’s “bitch of a wife” for having a say in where her family lives

Saying that the woman should be ashamed for messing with her husband’s career in such a manner, a self-described feminist and Arsenal fan today expressed his fury at the wife of Olivier Giroud for having a say in where her family lives.

22-year-old Royce Vasey, a lifelong Gunners fan who identifies as a “women’s ally”, today bemoaned the cheek of the French forward’s wife for convincing him to stay in London rather than move to Borussia Dortmund in Germany.

Speaking to friends this morning, the business student said that while he believes women should take control of their lives and be able to do so without judgement, Giroud’s wife should “know her fucking place” when it comes to moving clubs.

“Why can’t she just support her husband’s career – wherever it takes him – instead of interfering and demanding he stays in London? Does she not realise that she’s directly strengthening one of our rivals? It’s not like she wasn’t aware of this when she married a footballer. She should just accept it and do what’s best for his career” said the Arsenal fan who regularly involves himself in conversations to state his support of feminism and equality.

“I completely support women in every walk of life, but this isn’t simply life, it’s football. If she really cared about her husband and was an actual good wife she would have blindly gone wherever he wanted to go. But no, instead she’s acting like a cunt. She should be ashamed of herself.”

At press time, Vasey took a break from calling the Frenchman’s wife a “fucking stupid bitch” to tweet his “undying support” towards the #MeToo movement.